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The Indexical Mark at Life on Mars Gallery in Brooklyn through April 6, 2014

The artists in this show; Bailey, Davie, LaRocco, Longenecker, Olin, O’Neill, Pritchard, Rothenberg, Schwartz and Yaniv, use an indexical mark to create a record that is enigmatic, concrete, original, personal and specific, independent of a single quick interpretation. Each of the artist’s indexical marks are created using different materials to arrive at different “places”. Longenecker and Pritchard load up their paint to create thick beds. Davie and O’Neill use the liquidity of their medium. LaRocco, Olin and Yaniv push their work by combining and introducing non-traditional materials. Bailey, Rothenberg and Schwartz combine a graphic line with fields and washes of paint.Common to all their work is the physical immediacy and the materially of their practice which combine to reveal an innate understanding of the essence of painting, the truth of painting, the beauty of painting, mediating the instant with the endless.


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