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Scale: October 4-31st, 2013

For Life on Mars inaugural exhibition, work has been gathered from fourteen artists dealing with issues of scale – small and large works – extreme scale shifts. Some artists have been forced to make small works due to the rising cost of studios and the restrictions of storage, or simply because this particular scale just feels right for them. Some who are compelled to create large works find ways to circumnavigate their often daunting restrictions. Ultimately, whatever the circumstances that have bought each to their current scale range, these fourteen artists make work that is deeply felt. Karen Schwartz's featured work: Dirty Dara, Yellow Ecstasy, How Noble in Reason, What A Piece of Work Is Man, Shadow of His Former Self (Diptych), Blue Dara, Zorro's Love, The Falls, Studio, How Infinite in Faculties, Shy Odalisque Dirty Dara (unstretched, rolled up), Single Dara (unstretched, rolled up). Link to Karen Schwartz "Life on Mars" gallery:!karen-schwartz/c1tsw


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